Big changes are coming to Verellen Amplifiers. We haven’t raised our prices in 8 years, but chasing cost of living in Seattle and chasing our tails with every custom build idea that comes our way in the 11 years we’ve been doing this has kept us spread thin.. some things have to change.

Our #1 problem is that we never have quite enough time or budget to put as much into our custom builds as we’d like to. We’ve always tried to help customers realize their unique ideas affordably and with a reasonable lead time. More times than not, this leaves us struggling to make ends meet and scrambling to meet deadlines. Starting Jan 1st 2018, we’ll begin focusing on our standard line of products with very limited customizations available per product. Our prices will also make a small jump. We will still offer custom from the ground up projects as we always have (it’s our favorite part of this whole thing).. but we’ll be charging more and lead time will be longer. On the plus side we’ll be able to put a lot more energy into each build and document each phase of every custom project.

Please feel free to continue to come to us with your ideas, but be forewarned about this change. In the meantime, I’m honoring our existing pricing structure for orders that land before the end of the year. I’ve also included a long list of our favorite custom builds from the past on our online store at the old pricing, so any of these custom odd balls can be bought before 2018 hits. Feels scary but the hope is that we’ll be able to continue to exist… sanely, and also step up the quality of our work.

Thank you thank you thank you, - Ben Verellen



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