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June 30th 2011
No Treble Magazine: Custom Shop Verellen Amplifiers
By Kevin Johnson

No Treble Verellen Amplifiers Review

So far in the Custom Shop series, we've asked luthiers about building custom bass guitars. This time we got the chance to talk to Ben Verellen to look into a perhaps lesser-known market: custom amplifiers.

December 6th 2011
Premier Guitar: Verellen Meat Smoke Amplifier Review
By Jordan Wagner

Premier Guitar gave the MEAT SMOKE a 5-out-of 5 review!  
" For stoner rock, doom, post rock, and sludge players, the Meat Smoke is not only a great amp—for those styles, it might just be the best amp on the market today."

January 28th 2011
Art Zone: Portraits of Seattle Series
Art Zone with Nancy Guppy

...We profile amp guru Ben Verellen; local amplifier maker who makes amplifiers for people who like their music LOUD! Take a look.

August 2011
Guitar Player Magazine: Fuzz Face Off
By Matt Blackett

Brute force. This pedal specializes in blistering fuzz at high output levels, but it also elicits chiming ring-modulator-like timbres on intervals and chords when you roll down the guitar volume. 

January 30th 2011
Portraits of Seattle Series
By Kyle Johnson Photography


Ben Verellen is a vital part of Seattle’s music scene. Although hes an incredibly talented musician (currently playing in Helms Alee) its his local business that brought me to feature him in this series.

December 5th 2010
University of Washington Alumni Association
By Eric Lucas


Not every UW-born business is built on new technology. Former engineering student Ben Verellen, '08, in fact, turned back the clock when he posed a question to one of his electrical engineering professors while at the U: How do you design and build vacuum-tube amplifiers?

November 2nd 2010
City Art Magazine
Amped: Amidst the beard

On a Thursday night early fall, two men stand with their backs pressed against the wall in the rain-drenched alleyway next to Neumos, swathed in a cloud of smoke. Taking a break from the sound check going on indoors, they drag on their ciggarettes seemingly unaware of the oddly humid waters soaking into them...Read on!

October 23rd 2010
The Indie Spiritualist
Olympic Mountain Thunder

I don’t vote. Never have, and probably never will. I don’t do politics, and yet I consider myself a very political person. I don’t buy food from large supermarkets. I don’t eat at chain restaurants. I buy bicycles from independent companies and buy record albums from small record labels. These are my politics. My money is my vote. We all work too hard in life to just piss away our money to companies that don’t care about our well-being. Trust me, Chili’s or Outback Steakhouse don’t care if you live or die (in fact, I could make an argument that they’re trying to kill you). Read on!

August 28th 2010 94.9 fm
Ben Verellen: An Amplified Obligation

When Ben Verellen graduated from the University of Washington a few years ago with a degree in electrical engineering, he knew what he wanted: To keep one foot in the world of his studies and the other foot in the world of underground rock, where he'd been playing since he was 15. So he decided to build solid, great–sounding amps that musicians like he could actually afford. And lots of people loved his idea enough to give him a little money to start Verellen Amplifiers. But just as he started to grow the business, the economy crashed and his sales disappeared. Ben tells KUOW's Jeannie Yandel how he's changed his business and how he's changing himself so he won't let the people who support him down.

July 30th 2009
The Stranger

Ben Verellen is a Seattle man who makes amps. Verellen Amplifiers are b626eautiful, sturdy creations that give your sound tube strength, solitude, and solid foundation. Each amp is made with care. Each amp bestows the player with a sense of magma, power, and touch that only mountains and feathers know. Playing through a Verellen amp is not unlike a God creating the earth. Let there be light, and there is light. Let there be a finely crafted amp you can trust and love, and there is a Verellen.

Sept 15th 2009

Seattle Weekly

Opening a boutique-style guitar amplifier business is a risky proposition in any economy, but 29-year old Ben Verellen is defying the odds. In the last year, he's moved out of his bedroom workshop and into a commercial warehouse space on Aurora Avenue, steadily building an impressive client list of people who share his appreciation for design inspired by the warmth of old-school tube technology but informed by the needs of modern rock players who prefer their sound elephantine and bracingly loud. In addition to his online business, his amps are sold in more than half a dozen music stores around Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, and Portland.

Sept 25th 2008

Education Amplified
Undergrad Applies EE Coursework to Develop Verellen Amplifiers

EE undergraduate student Ben Verellen started playing in bands at age 13 and has always been interestedin what makes musical instruments work, particularly tube-driven guitar amplifiers. After graduating high school, he debated on how he could apply his education to music. This prompted the Tacoma native to enroll in the UW EE undergraduate program.

August 7th 2008

This amp goes to Verellen
By Daniel Spils

I can't write a review about my new Verellen AC30-style guitar amplifier (spoiler alert: it is AWESOME!) without talking a bit about Ben Verellen. I first met Ben at his home/workspace in Seattle's Wallingford neighborhood He was running off to class at UW where he's finishing a degree in electrical engineering. But before he hit the bizooks, we spent a good deal of time communing on the perfect amp that he would build for me...More

May 21st, 2008

The Business of Booming
Ben Verellen's Basement Amp Factory
by Brian Cook

My first guitar amp was a solid-state Peavey bought brand-new from the big music store next to the mall. For the non–guitar players out there, that's like if your first car was a Toyota Tercel. It was a piece of shit, and I could never quite dial in a good tone on the damn thing. Technique and knob-twiddling is only part of the equation. At some point you can't polish a turd. And that Peavey was a particularly stinky turd... More

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Meatsmoke on Premier Guitar Magazine

5-out-of 5 review!  

This head is the loudest thing I've ever heard in my life. The sound of this higher watt is unstoppable, I can literally play it all day long.
TJ- Book of black earth

"Dave loves Verellens"
Dave Knudson- Minus the bear/BOTCH

“Often boutique amps (that are not uber metal high gain types) are just too dainty. Not my Verellen amps.”
Matt Bayles- Producer/Engineer